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Purchase of an Interment Rights Certificate with Attending Perpetual Care is the Minimum Commitment Required to Secure Space in Eco-Burial Inc.'s Nature's Monument Sanctuary.

Interment and All Other Attending Services and Products May be Purchased Now or at the Time of Need (Under the Direction of Your Executor or Next of Kin).

All Prices Are In Canadian Dollars.

A Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Applies to Goods and Services That will be Utilized In New Brunswick and are Designated Taxable by the Legislative Authority.

Quantity Service/Product Description Unit Price
Interment Rights Certificate {mandatory} $1295.00
Interment Service $225.00
Interment Service - Saturday (additional) $95.00
Committal Service - Religious - Monday - Friday $250.00
Committal Service - Religious - Saturday $325.00
Natural Stone Plot Marker - Small $99.00
Natural Stone Plot Marker - Medium $149.00
Natural Stone Plot Marker - Large $199.00
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Environmental Stewardship:
Stewardship funding supports the concept of expanded Wildlife Refuge and Carbon Capture Benefits.

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